Everything and Nothing

by The Messenger Birds

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released March 21, 2015

Engineered and Mixed by Ivan Fargo at The Sound Shop.
Mastered by Jim Kissling
Album Design by Kimberly Rose Tomlin



all rights reserved


The Messenger Birds Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Fuzz Rock

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Track Name: Holy Curse
If everything you get is a blessing from the Lord
Then everyone has been living with a holy curse
Between a sinner and a proclaimed saint
It’s hard to say just which one’s worse

The battle that they wage when seeking their reward
To sever fellow sheep, to wear their precious wool
Guilt that’s been handed down for generations now
Taught them how to live and helped them play their roles

Fold your hands and bow your head

Mama always said to us, “Shut your mouth, and listen up.
Too much freedom is bad for you son.”
Never thought to ask her why, always took her word for it
“No son of mine,” she said, “would ever question this.”

Talking to a burning bush never made a lot of sense
Always liked the land line phone cause it kept us grounded
Put your money down my friend; make sure it’s a clean bet
You don’t want to start a war that’s over nothing

Hold your ground and don’t forget

Divergences should coexist
The opposite is how we live
So fold your hands and bow your head
Track Name: Honest Lies
Your smile is fake, and you are shaking when your mouth is open
Spitting patterns upon patterns without mind or motion
You make the truth sound like a lie
All you see is just old light
You go from catatonic to histrionic, you’re making no sense
Live in the present, but you only speak in the past tense

It’s black and white you say there isn’t anything between it
The color disappears, it never fades or tries to resist
No, it dies all at once
Found solace in the darkness, cold comfort that came and went
Pushed all your friends away, they never understood what you meant

Everyone’s looking for a purpose for their pain and problems
Well, if you’re looking for reasons I promise that you’ll find them
Just pick the best one from the lot
Whatever’s most convenient, an honest lie that prevents
The emptiness and helps to make you feel all right
Track Name: Sunlight
The man underneath the crowded bridge
The single mother with her crying kids
The struggling artist with her makeshift tools
The poor musician in his lonely room
Sometimes they’ve got to break the rules
They do what they can to make their dues

Often dream of fabled roads
That will finally lead them home
Till they find there’s one way up
A path that’s blocked, nowhere to run
So instead, they turn and head the other way
Stuck in some dead stop traffic, rather go back to where they came

At the bottom of the mountain there is warmth and life
But at the top, just feel estranged and cold, far out of sight

Sunlight, it comes and goes
Moon takes what’s left so it can glow
Sunlight, it comes and goes
Sunlight, it comes and goes

Sometimes I wonder
If dying empty handed is better
To leave this world with nothing more
Than you had when you came in the door
Cause then, there’s nothing they can take away
No legacy to corrupt, no detriment to your name

Sunlight, it comes and goes
Moon takes what’s left so it can glow
Sunlight, it comes and goes
Sunlight, it comes and goes
Track Name: Lost and Not Found
Met a man on Sunday, said he felt borrowed from another time
When he woke up each morning, his head just wasn’t right

He went back to the old country chasing some lost sound
Looked lost himself, hadn’t yet been found

He gave up looking, was overcome by lassitude
Should’ve known better, but he had nothing left to lose

His ennui took over, and delusions kept him down
That a different age was better suited, fate would simply not allow
Track Name: Old Money
Shine your fancy shoes
Like you always do
Got somethin’ to prove
No one will question you

You don’t share a glance
With your fellow man
Never shake his hand
Cause you might catch it from him

But you’re no different from him
And you’re no different from them

There’s a parasite
Livin in your mind
Keepin you in line
With the paradigm

Kiss your dollar sign
Keep it by your side
Let it take your life
They can’t take it from you

See your sister in the winter
Watch her wither while you’re with her
Not the life that you imagined
Much more cold and much more tragic

When you see the light
Make sure you hold it tight
'Cause they will take it from you

But you’re no different from him
And you’re no different from them